We’re a small, friendly, well-established, family-run business.

We have our own factory where we cut the stone in-house, polish it and prepare it for installation. Then we hop into one of our trusty trucks, deliver the finished worktops to site, and install them. It’s as simple as that. Here’s who does what:

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Founder & Partner

Chris is our stone specialist. He knows where to get the best material at the best price for each individual project. He also creates the precision templates from which we cut the stone. 

When not helping customers to make an informed choice, Chris enjoys martial arts and golf, usually not at the same

time, unless he’s having a bad round.

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Richard is our installation expert. He knows all the specialist techniques used to ensure that worktop installations proceed smoothly and efficiently. And

then he masterminds the on-site finishing that adds the final sparkle to the worktops.


Away from the wacky world of worktops, Richard is a keen football

player and Manchester United supporter.

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Ben Mepham


Ben's expertise lies in the design and production of worktops that meet your unique requirements.

With a passion for perfection and a sharp eye for detail, his craftsmanship ensures the highest quality finish is achieved.

In his spare time, Ben is a Marine Aquarium enthusiast and spends many hours maintaining his tank.